Weaverse’s Kickstarter is Now Live!

Yellow Cat-Rabbit has been hard at work to continue the improvement of the Weaverse’s Steam Early Access version with periodic updates. While he works on that, we wanted to offer a way to bring you all the best version of the game we possibly can. To do this, we have opened a Kickstarter page for the game which has a small goal of $1,500.

The reward section of the crowdfunding campaign shows that you are actually able to get your own copy of Weaverse the moment the Kickstarter campaign is considered successful. It will cost less than buying it directly off of Steam as well!

What will the $1,500 go towards?

Aside from helping with some marketing, these funds will be put towards Voice Actors to fill each role in the game, improved programming for overall gameplay experience, and fund the developer himself so he can focus more on the game itself.

Is there more you have to offer than the base amount?

Yes! If you look through the Kickstarter profile for Weaverse, you will come across our Tier section. Here you can see the different goals we have for the game and what we will need to raise in order to achieve this goal. There are multiple aspects when it comes to what can be included, but if we reach the top Tier goal of the campaign then you can expect to be able to journey through the game and challenges with a friend as it will add Co-op gameplay!

If you want to know more about Weaverse and/or the Kickstarter campaign, feel free to contact Odd Branch at the following email: Help@OddBranch.com

Remember, you can follow Weaverse on both social media platforms Facebook and Twitter for periodic updates and news! For a direct link to the Kickstarter page, click here.


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