Weaverse – What The Games Future Holds

After receiving mostly positive feedback, with plenty of constructive criticism as well, from the community after launching the Weaverse Steam store page with a short, free demo for players to get a taste of our upcoming surreal sci-fi action/puzzle game, we realize that many of you would like to know what the plans are moving forward. The good and short news is, the game will be available during Q1 of 2019 and will have lots of gameplay!

The detailed response to that question is that there will be another demo, a longer and more completed demo, that will be available to players before the games launch. This means that those that were looking forward to continuing their adventure through the unknown and strange location they were placed in will get just that!

We haven’t decided if it will be an open beta or a closed beta demo, but we do want to provide a way for all those interested in Weaverse to get a chance to enjoy a larger chunk of the game prior to release.

On a side note, there won’t be Devlog updates as the game is being developed. I know we usually do consistent updates to keep our followers and players up-to-date with everything, but sometimes the surprise is better than the build up. We believe that Weaverse is the type of game that will benefit more from being a surprising experience with nothing more than the demo to give you an idea of what to expect.

Until time comes for the next demo or update, we will share a few new screenshots with you every so often. I’m including two in here, but be sure to check our IndieDB, Yunoia, Facebook, or Twitter for more!

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