Weaverse – Updates and Kickstarter Announcement

We seemed to have run into a slight drawback in development that caused a delay in the launch of the Early Access for Weaverse. The good news is, we waited until we were beyond 100% sure that we can give an official date before providing an official update – and this devlog is your official update!

Weaverse will be officially going into Steam Early Access as of Friday, May 24th. We will be launching it for the reduced price of $7, while the full game price is still TBD.

Along with the release of Early Access on Steam we have decided to launch a light Kickstarter campaign. The campaign’s focus is to help us improve the game in multiple aspects, from Voice Overs to 2-Player Co-Op. We want to stress that our launching of a Kickstarter campaign does NOT mean that there is a chance that Weaverse won’t happen because there is nothing that will stop us from producing the final product within 2019!

There will be some unique, Kickstarter-only rewards for those that help fund us and an option to get the game for slightly less than getting it from Steam. Be sure to check out our Kickstarter campaign on May 24th and don’t forget to add Weaverse to your wish list.


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  1. Hi there

    Kindly let me know if any review copies will be made available.

    • Dean Clark says:

      Yes sir! We will have some keys available for media and review purposes. You can expect an email from me shortly, following this reply.


      Dean Clark
      Odd Branch Publishing

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