Weaverse – Steam Early Access Launch Date Is Set

It was back in January that we provided you with the original road map for Weaverse’s game development progress. If you read over that you will notice that we are a little late on bringing you the Early Access version of the game. While we still plan on bringing you the full game by Q3 2019, we are happy to announce that we are finally ready to bring you a stable, entertaining version of what Weaverse has to offer!

The official release date for Weaverse Early Access is going to be April 30, 2019 on Steam. That’s only 10 days away and in this time we are running multiple testers through the build to ensure it is as bug-free and entertaining as possible. The Early Access build will feature the reduced price of $6.99 for those interested in getting your copy as soon as possible. The full game price is still to be determined, but all purchases of Weaverse from April 30th up to launch will go towards funding the projects progress.

The Early Access build will contain the following aspects:

  • 4 Fully set up levels
  • The Hub area, for exploration and relaxation between missions
  • A special/hidden area for players to find somewhere in the game
  • One type of enemy, but plenty of them (more types to be added when possible)
  • Light Controller Support (some aspects don’t function yet, but actual controls are in place. Also, note that ONLY an Xbox controller will work currently.)
  • Bits of lore (that will remain unanswered until the full game is released)
  • Side missions

Should you expect updates to the Early Access between initial launch and full game release?
No, you shouldn’t expect another update between this initial launch of Weaverse and the full game release. There may be updates here and there, but with the plan to get the full game out by Q3 of this year we will be focusing on continuing the build progress rather than updating the build to provide only small amounts more of the game.

A new trailer is currently in the works as well, but if you haven’t seen the original trailer then be sure to check that out on the Odd Branch YouTube. If you are interested in checking out Weaverse before the Early Access release, there is still a free demo available on Steam right now!

You can follow Weaverse for more updates on both social media: Facebook and Twitter.


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