Weaverse Gets A Second Early Access Update

It was only a couple weeks ago that we were able to send out an update to Yellow Cat-Rabbit’s latest Steam game Weaverse. Even with the new game mode added and plenty of work still to be done, we were looking forward to what we could bring in this update.

The Early Access version for Weaverse is more than ready for players to run through it again if they have already done so. The second update to the Weaverse Early Access includes the following aspects:

  • New Game Mechanic – “Ice Gun”

This new mechanic will improve your weapon to provide a whole new way to fight against your enemies. There is plenty you can do with this new upgrade, so be sure to check it out next time you get on!

  • Aguruh Map is Rebuilt and Expanded

One of the levels that is already in the Early Access version of the game has a whole new layout and style to it. The goal is to expand the experience further and show what a bigger level can provide to the overall Weaverse experience.

  • UI Improved
  • Bug Fixes

These last two aspects are both things that are natural to update as the game progresses towards its final version. Be sure to see what changes we have provided in these cases and remember that you can report any bugs or problems to our email: Help@OddBranch.com


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