Weaverse – First Early Access Update is Live

As we posted before, the Early Access version of Weaverse is expected to receive multiple updates leading up to its official release! Indie developer Yellow Cat-Rabbit has provided the first update prior to the expected release and it is already live now. If you saw your game update, or are still considering getting the game yourself, here is what you can expect from the first update:

  • Overall stability improvement through a few bug fixes

These bug fixes are the ones that we were aware of, but if you have any bugs that you would like to report, feel free to email them to Help@OddBranch.com

  • Achievements added and ready to be unlocked

Among these updates, the addition of a list of Achievements was the highest. Because of the call out for them, we made sure to make it the first thing we added to the game. This list of achievements can start being unlocked now and there is always the possibility of more being added prior to the final release of Weaverse.

  • New game mode added to the game

This new game mode cannot be accessed from the main menu or any other typical means. We have placed this mode in the game itself and players will have to figure out how to access it themselves. There are no hints that we will provide you here, so we simply wish you all good luck and enjoy the new gameplay when you find it!

  • UI (The Hub base) improved

You will see this update from the moment you step into the room with the teleporter. Take a look around and take a look at what all they have improved.

The next update is expected in just a couple weeks and we will be providing your another announcement once it is live! Until then take a look around at the new updates, find that new game mode, locate the hidden level, and just enjoy everything that Weaverse has to offer in its Early Access form.


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