Weaverse Early Access is LIVE! So, what’s next?

In partnership with Odd Branch Publishing, indie game developer Yellow Cat-Rabbit has successfully launched their latest title Weaverse into Early Access on Steam! This contains the beginning of the game which includes the first few levels, puzzles, and enemies. There is also a hidden location for players to find, given they are keen enough to do so.

But, with the Early Access version available the next question remains: What’s next?

The first of the good news is that this is merely the beginning of the Early Access version itself! We are planning to launch more stages to the Early Access. These stages and release dates are planned to be as follows:

  • Stage 1: Achievements added and a new game mode implemented. Expected to be added on June 3rd.
  • Stage 2: A bigger and better Aguruh map and some bug fixes. Expected to be added on June 14th.
  • Stage 3: Unlock the 2nd chapter in its entirety. Expected to be added on July 1st.
  • Final Version: Details retained and surprises expected. Planned to be updated by the end of July.

The reason for launching Weaverse in this manner is to show our continued dedication to improving the game to be the best version we can provide. As we have mentioned before, there will be a Kickstarter launching for our sci-fi adventure so that we can go even further with the games progress. This crowdfunding campaign is going to include some tiers above our initial asking amount which will include the expansion of the games maps and overall size, style, and experience improvements. Stage 2 of the Early Access will show our interested players just how we are going to be able to achieve such an expansion.

There are more great things planned to come for Weaverse and the game is sure to be much bigger and better than we could initially express with a simple Early Access. However, this is what we believe will be the best route for launching the game and grabbing your attention towards the experience we hope to provide. Stay tuned for more updates as we are sure to bring more and more to the game!

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