Weaverse – Early Access Gets An Expansion Update

As we have said before, the early access for Weaverse is continuing to be improved. However, Yellow Cat-Rabbit is doing more than just fixing the bugs as they are presented. This next update includes an expansion to the game that many have been waiting for.

The update that has just gone live includes the entirety of Chapter 2, side missions included! That means there is a whole new section of the game to check out and tons more to do within. Not to mention that you still have that extra game mode in the HUB that you can continue to get better at. Leaderboards should be coming soon so get yourself an early lead!

Don’t forget that Weaverse is currently on Kickstarter as well. We are hoping to make the game better than it already is planned to be and hopefully add more to the game if we are able to obtain the funds.

You can also follow updates and progress for Weaverse on both Facebook and Twitter.


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