Weaverse Development Update

It wasn’t too long ago that we originally announced our upcoming sci-fi action title Weaverse and launched a free demo on Steam. Receiving mostly positive feedback, we are excited to see what you all will say once we have completed the game.

So far, we have completed a lot of the level building and coding, leaving us with only so much to share and show off. If you have been following our Twitter or Facebook then you would have seen us show off some new enemies, but what exactly do they each do? Let’s start off this update with a breakdown of the four enemies we have shown you over the past month:

  • D-Key – Not aggressive towards the player. Needs to be escorted to the corresponding Gate to open new passages in the Dark World.
  • Guardian – A heavy gunner, patrolling dungeons. Will try to destroy player on sight.
  • Bomber – Usually patrolling dungeons in groups of 3 to 7 Bombers. Will try to get as close to the player as they can and detonate.
  • Scout – Cannot harm the player but will summon Bombers and/or Guardians if the player exposes themselves to it.

While we plan to keep a lot of details, including the mysterious story, a secret for players to experience when we launch, there is still plenty to update you all on. The key points to bring up are as follows:

  • More enemies will be implanted, aside from the four we have shown.
  • Platforming and Puzzle elements are being added with increasing difficulty.
  • The Hub has been set up and finished. This is where players will visit between levels to look over inventory, collectibles, found story elements, and much more.
  • We are still looking at a six-hour experience, if not longer.

Aside from the updates on the game elements, we are proud to announce that we have brought our very own Keegan Slater, owner and creator of FastSkillTeam, on to the Weaverse development team! He is the one who helped us bring Hegis’ Grasp: Evil Resurrected to the finished product that it was after joining the Odd Branch team less than a year ago. This should help us ensure the game will be at its best quality when we launch in Q1 2019, as well as make sure there are no delays on the launch date.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to add Weaverse to your wishlist on Steam and give the demo a try! We look forward to hearing more feedback from the community and bringing you all a new experience that will a memorable title for our players. If you would like to keep up with more Odd Branch game development updates for all our titles, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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