Weaverse – 2019 Road Map

We initially partnered up with Yellow Cat-Rabbit on their upcoming sci-fi action title Weaverse back in late mid-2018. When we initially announced this partnership, we also released a very short, but free demo for players to try out on Steam. While we did get some constructive and overall positive feedback from this demo, we were ready to improve the game in the direction that the players had shown interest in without sacrificing the initial game’s development plan.

Yellow Cat-Rabbit finished up the 2018 year with more level design, bringing the actual game set up to near completion. There is still a lot left to do though since a game is more than just players getting from the beginning to the end. We still plan to launch within the 2019 year, so we asked the developer to get us a road map set up and it is better than we were expecting! In short, here is the road map for the Weaverse game development:

January – Music and Sounds
February – Finalize Level Design and Add Lighting
Early March – Launch Weaverse in Early Access (price TBD)
March – Main Game Logic and Walkthrough Tuning
April and May – Secondary Activities and Side Quests Tuning
June – Finishing Touches and Bug Patching
Q3 2019 – Fully Launch Weaverse

As you can see, there is still plenty more to get accomplished, but for all of our players waiting to this game; the wait is almost over! A version much better and complete than you saw in the free demo, that is still available, will be coming out in March for you to get your hands on and see what the full Weaverse game is all about. We don’t have any information on how long the Early Access will take to play through, but it will be at least a proper game session.


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