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Hegis’ Grasp – New Trailer, DLC, and Patch

As Odd Branch continues to work on new projects, such as Weaverse, we are also having the original Hegis’ Grasp team work on improving the game further as suggestions and issues have been brought to our attention since launch. There were also a few things that we wanted to add into the game and have…
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Hegis’ Grasp: Evil Resurrected – Patch and Plans

We noticed a few aspects of Hegis’ Grasp: Evil Resurrected started to act up after we updated the game with the finished game patch. We are happy to announce that not only did we fix the multiple bugs, but we also improved a few aspects of concern as well. The improvement patch includes: – AI…
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Hegis’ Grasp – July Update and Future Plans

Our latest update for Hegis’ Grasp is easily our biggest one yet. Multiple things fixed, patched, changed in accordance to player feedback, and generally improved, yet this is isn’t the biggest update the game will get. Before getting into the details of this update, we want to inform you of our upcoming plans. It is…
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