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Unfair: Airsoft Battlegrounds – Official Announcement

After taking notice of the growing community around our incredibly out-of-date, but unique concept game titled F.AIR on Gamejolt, Odd Branch Publishing would like to officially announce Unfair: Airsoft Battlegrounds! This time we’ll bring the battle to Steam! Unfair will be the predecessor of our original free-to-play single-player title, but this time we are taking…
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Airsoft Simulator Game F.AIR is Available on Gamejolt

For the very first time one of the most active real life shooting sports, Airsoft, has a simulator game that is available now! Check out the trailer: Odd Branch Publishing’s Gamejolt page is where we keep the free-to-play titles. One of our oldest, yet popular games on there is F.AIR. The full name is “Fire…
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