Scary Mary – A Short Horror Game Coming Soon!

One of the focuses that both Odd Branch Publishing and FastSkillTeam Productions share is to create fun games that can be brought out to you, our audience and players, while working on our larger titles – such as Unfair. While we have a few ideas in a stockpile, many of which the foundations are beginning, we are proud to announce the first title that we plan to launch; Scary Mary!

Scary Mary is going to take place in a one-story home and will be a fun yet challenging short horror game. The objective is as “simple” as finding the tools you need to open a blocked door while being on guard with the movement of an ever prevalent ghost named Mary. The game has a detailed page listing how to play, to put it in short for you: Spot Mary before she spots you, Find the Hammer and unblock the door, Find the Key and escape the house.

This game will be heavily set with Random Number Generations (RNG) in order to make every run different and it will also feature three difficulty levels. The tools you need could be anywhere in the house and Mary’s movement will be completely random, so watch out in all directions! The only goal of the game is to escape the house, but it will also be littered with Easter Eggs for you to hunt down if you wish.

We are planning to launch Scary Mary on both PC and Mobile devices, along with the added option to play in VR. Plan for this game to last anywhere from two minutes to a never-ending cycle of death, purely based on a mixture of luck and player skill. There is also a light bit of lore for you to enjoy once it is released. We are hoping to bring this game to you by Summer of 2019, so prepare yourself for a fun little horror challenge!


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