Physix BREAK – Revamping the Classic Brick Breaker Game Style

Coming soon to both Android and iOS devices is our upcoming game Physix BREAK, a brick breaker style game with a unique physics engine and challenging enemies! But what does that mean?

Physix BREAK is made around the gameplay style of the classic brick breaker games. The difference is in the challenges added to the game, however. Featuring actual enemies, not just bricks, that you will have to defeat in order to progress through the story and a physics engine that brings the power of your attacks to actually show how destructive they are. This is done by using the visual aspect of seeing the adjacent bricks get pushed around before falling back into place.

The full name of the game is Physix BREAK: World 1 Endless Space. This is so you know that not only will this game take place in space, but there are more locations to come in future Physix BREAK titles! Each game will have its own artwork, location, enemies, and a story that will give each game its own feel to it while presenting more challenging levels.

There will be power up options for you to choose from in the game’s store, most of which can be bought with the gems you earn in game. We are launching the game for free on both Google and Apple stores with plenty of optional ways to increase your attacks and entertainment at low, reasonable prices. None of the purchasable options will be necessary to complete the game, so we leave it to you to play the game however you wish.

As we continue to draw closer to announcing a launch date we are making sure Physix BREAK will be in the best possible condition when it does get released. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter, to keep up with future updates on all of our great titles!


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