Odd Branch Officially Partners With FastSkillTeam Productions

Working on video games is a job that requires people of multiple talents coming together to bring one idea to life. This job can be done by as few as one person, but the more people you have the quicker it can be done. Not to mention that the quality can be greatly improved at a much faster rate when you have more people working on a single project.

That being said, Odd Branch Publishing was initially working with our own small team and bringing in people to work together with us. But now we have found a team that has their own established group of talented workers and are ready to start pushing out multiple games throughout the year. This team is called FastSkillTeam Productions!

The leader of this team is Keegan Slater; the very same man who came to Odd Branch originally to help us finish and complete Hegis’ Grasp: Evil Resurrected. With how well he was able to jump into a project that was a little under halfway finished and brought it to completion with us showed some serious talent. Shortly after this project, he introduced us to his full team that he has been working with him on some personal projects of his own (all of which have yet to be published).

After a few discussions and setting up a few different game plans, we have decided to work together on multiple titles! These titles range from full range PC and Virtual Reality games to simple little Mobile games that we hope will bring hours of entertainment to our users.

Moving forward, all games announced will specify if they are being worked on along with FastSkillTeam Productions or as an Odd Branch Publishing title. Don’t forget that we also work with many other independent developers and will be sharing more updates on them as well.

We are excited to be officially partnered with such a fantastic team and look forward to pushing out multiple titles on multiple platforms with these individuals. If you would like to learn more about our newest partner, check out their Facebook and Twitter.

You can also find Odd Branch Publishing on both Facebook and Twitter which is where you can follow to always catch our latest announcements, including when we share our latest blog posts like this one!

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