Hegis’ Grasp Update – Fixing and Improving

In our last Devlog we mentioned that we hired a new developer in order to get the progress for Hegis’ Grasp flowing at a quicker pace. Our goal is to give our players a completed game with few to no bugs and an enjoyable gameplay experience. While we believe that there will need to be some major changes to the save system and overall combat, we have started with a focus on the aspects of bug patching and necessary updates.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the update to the save system, your current save files will be cleared upon the new versions initial load up. Any new save will be safe, but unfortunately we have to wipe the old save files.

Here’s what our new beast of a developer has been working on these past few weeks:

Bug Patches

  • Player won’t have any trouble getting back out of the doorway in chapter 1 windmill.
  • Key in chapter 2 (spoiler: next to door at building at top of hill with manual save and note nearby) will no longer slide away causing it to be hard to find.
  • Chapter 4 will load the town correctly now.
  • Interactions through walls, including picking up items, using the health station, saving, and more, is no longer possible. Player must be in range with nothing between them and the interaction.

Enemy Patches

  • First human enemy, Anne, no longer runs into the door causing her to get stuck, but able to damage player as they try to enter building.
  • Growthers and growthers wolves will not flinch unless taking massive damage (half of staring health in one hit).
  • Chapter 4 boss can be damage areas updated, health increased, and player can now run under him when he jumps. He also weighs a ton now so players can’t easily push him around.
  • Survival Mode: Defeated enemy bodies disappear after 5 seconds now.

Combat Improvements

  • Melee attack range has had a few adjustments.
  • Player will need to be more precise to gain head shots with melee weapons.
  • Survival Mode: In map 3, player starts with nothing and the machete lays with the other weapons near Cutthroat.

Graphical and Necessary Updates

  • Navmesh improvements in story mode. Meaning enemies will have a smarter patrol pattern and act more natural.
    Various minor graphical fixes.
  • Environmental lighting changes blend more slowly. This will make a smoother Day/Night Cycle.
  • Crates scaled down.
  • Brightness meter added.
  • Advanced lighting toggle added.
  • Graphics Update: Switched to forward rendering in preparation for some graphics overhauls and to improve particles. This allows soft particles anywhere which we will utilize to improve fog soon.
  • Updated Credits.

Extra Steps Taken

  • A special update to improve player experience in Chapter 1.
  • A special update was added to Chapter 4 for players to find that wasn’t there before.
  • Save system has been stabilized further with plans to improve further.
  • Journal update notices appear more visibly to ensure player can more easily follow the story.
Now let’s shine a spotlight on the most exciting updates from our list!

The addition of a brightness meter and advanced lighting options will allow players to run around areas that are meant to be dark without the need of a torch. While this is sure to come at the cost of the games horror factor, but will give players the option of not relying on their torch to see.

Improving the melee was an immediate combat update that we put in the front of our focus. After watching some of our “Let’s Players” fight with our various melee weapons and seeing them take advantage of the mechanics range showed us how easy the combat could be, as well as how unrealistic the fight looks. Shortening the range on our melee combat is sure to bring the fright back into the fight.

All the updates to the enemies announced are both necessary and difficulty increasing. Fights with growthers will now be much more difficult as they won’t recoil from your attacks and the boss in chapter 4 will prove to be the second hardest fight in the game. Without much more to say about this, we bid you good luck on your future encounters!

We are still continuing the progress on the game and hope to improve it much further than we have so far. In just a short amount of time our new developer has knocked out a lot with a plan to have so much more updated by our next Hegis’ Grasp Devlog.

If you haven’t gotten your copy of our game, you can get it anytime on Steam.

You can also get to know the story by reading the eBook novelette, available both on Amazon and as DLC on Steam.

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