Hegis’ Grasp Update – Chapter 4 and New Developer

Our survival horror game, Hegis’ Grasp, has had a few up and downs, going through a number of changes since the project began two years ago. After launching in October 2017 on Steam, many updates and bug patches have been the focus to make sure the game was performing at the best possible ability it could.

We added the survival mode and a few maps, along with a survival only enemy, for players to earn in game coin called Zruk for use on any part of the game. But now it is time to provide the final chapters of the story and show those who haven’t read The Written Story DLC what happened to the once peaceful village of Hegis!

We have added the next chapter of the story for all players to enjoy! With the latest update you will finally enter the village of Hegis itself and make your way through Chapter 4 as you continue to look for your companions, Baker and Miller. Do you have what it takes to get through the village with your life?

Along with this update, we are proud to announce that we have on boarded a new developer, Keegan Slater, to help us get the game finished! Aside from completing both chapters 5 and 6, Slater will be upgrading multiple aspects of the game and patching up more bugs that continue to be found within Hegis’ Grasp.

With the additional team member, we plan to have the game fully completed by Halloween 2018! We hope you enjoy the latest chapter of our game and are as excited as we are for the game reaching it’s completion!


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