Hegis’ Grasp – New Trailer, DLC, and Patch

As Odd Branch continues to work on new projects, such as Weaverse, we are also having the original Hegis’ Grasp team work on improving the game further as suggestions and issues have been brought to our attention since launch. There were also a few things that we wanted to add into the game and have done so through a new DLC option, as well as put up a patch to fix a few things.

We are excited to announce that we have created a brand-new trailer to feature Hegis’ Grasp: Evil Resurrected now that the game is fully completed. This trailer features an exclusive weapon which is part of the latest DLC. Before going further into the other announcements, check out the latest trailer:

As for the DLC, we have finally launched our Boss Rush mode! This mode contains the classic, intense battles of facing each boss within Hegis’ Grasp! It also contains a new way to enjoy this challenge as you could simply buy your supplies to defeat each boss you face or find hidden collectibles in each map mid-fight that will help you in battle. We didn’t want to do the simple arena set up with boss after boss onslaught, and so we added actual maps for players to have multiple options on how they wish to face their foe.

However, Boss Rush mode comes with more than just the new mode itself; it also contains a unique sword weapon called “The Daemon Slasher.” This sword is the most powerful melee weapon in the game and will be usable in the story and survival modes as well, once the Boss Rush DLC is purchased.

The last thing we wanted to go over is the latest patch the game received. While we did fix a few things, you will notice that we also added a Halloween theme to help players celebrate the holiday while they make their way through the cursed lands in, and around, Hegis. Even if you have already completed the game, this new theme will give some spooky additions and slightly comical outfits to some well-known characters and moments.

The patch itself fixed the following:

  • Door Kicking Open Glitch; the unnatural interaction between AI and doors
  • The End Credits Glitch; the inability to close the credits once they have opened and the game freezing moment once the game ends and the credits roll
  • Graphical Improvements regarding the Water and Fog

We still plan to add a few more lines from Henry to help make certain moments, that have left multiple players confused, much clearer as they were meant to be. There is also another few surprises that we have in store for all of our new and active players. We hope you enjoy the new theme and wish you all a safe yet Spooky Halloween!


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