Hegis’ Grasp – July Update and Future Plans

Our latest update for Hegis’ Grasp is easily our biggest one yet. Multiple things fixed, patched, changed in accordance to player feedback, and generally improved, yet this is isn’t the biggest update the game will get.

Before getting into the details of this update, we want to inform you of our upcoming plans. It is pertinent that we tell you that ALL SAVE FILES WILL BE DELETED IN BOTH THIS UPDATE AND OUR NEXT UPDATE! After this update we will be focusing on the finalization of Hegis’ Grasp and that includes Chapter 6, a new combat system and everything that needs patched will be fixed. This update will take longer and isn’t expected until September, but we still have a surprise for you during August – so stay tuned!

Now let’s get into what the July update holds for you:

  • Chapter 5 added
  • Loading should be faster
  • Massive Amounts of Bugs squashed
  • Voice Acting was redone
  • Lines added for various sections, including cutscenes
  • Cutscenes improved and new ones added


  • Hold Aim to fire weapons instead of toggle, you can only shoot while in aim mode!
  • Mouse sensitivity increased in third person mode to better match the speed in first person mode
  • Switching player POV won’t turn the player around and keeps them facing the same direction
  • Invert mouse option now only effects the y-axis
  • Picking up items is much better now and items that were hard to pick up are now easily picked up
  • No more multi-item pick up
  • Dedicated crates: crates will have the same items each time, with the exception of a couple bonus crates with a random item inside
  • Breaking crates feels much better now and fragments no longer block hits
  • Hold E to save/use health station/read note instead of just pressing E

Environmental Improvements:

  • Day/Night transition improvements and the setting should be more suitable throughout the game
  • Stars and moon added
  • Brightness meter will now have most effect at night
  • Clouds added (will be further improved)
  • Fog decreased as per player feedback
  • More room to move for the player, especially in chapter 1, where players would run into invisible walls often
  • Misleading sidepath near church in chapter 4 removed
  • Barrels are now rigidbodies and can be pushed around
  • WindMill blades now turn
  • Falling rock added that can kill player and even be used to kill enemies
  • Doors have potential to have their own scare factors
  • Keys will now work with the corresponding doors after loading, and won’t be lost if picked up and unsaved


  • Fixed bug where multiple ragdolls would spawn when an enemy was killed
  • Removed Growthers from chapter 1 house where they would get stuck on other side of the wall and cause issues. Replaced with a surprise for the players
  • Enemy navigation should be improved
  • Added ragdolls for the Elite Guards
  • Enemies can’t attack during cutscenes anymore

Even with all of these updates, we still have a lot more optimizations, cutscenes, enemies, and a new chapter that brings players to the end of the game – letting them choose which ending to follow. Other than the fact that the new save system will need to delete the old save files, another reason is that the current version of Hegis’ Grasp does actually have a couple placeholders. The full experience of the game in its proper glory will require players to go back through it with everything in its appropriate place.

We are aware we have some of the longest Devlog updates than the average developer, but this is because we believe that players want transparency. Oddly enough, we here at Odd Branch understand that without our players, our games are just a pile of code. We appreciate all those that have been patiently waiting for the completed version of Hegis’ Grasp and are confident you will all enjoy the final version of our survival horror game! Stay tuned, for the end is nigh!


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