Hegis’ Grasp Is Officially Complete!

After originally launching our survival horror game on Steam back in October of 2017, many changes and updates have been going in to make sure the best experience we have to offer is what players will get. As promised in the July Devlog update, we took a two month pause from consistent announcements and updates to finish the game, which includes a lot of bug patching, full story mode completed, both endings, updated cutscenes, and so much more.

Officially titled Hegis’ Grasp: Evil Resurrected, the best version and full experience we have to offer with our very first horror title is now available on Steam! For all those who already own the game, you will find that you are due for an update. We were hoping to also have a brand new trailer up before the update, but this has proven to falter as we have ran into a few issues. There is going to be another announcement in October that will detail our plans with mobile, Boss Rush mode, and the new trailer.

As a reminder, we would like to again state that all your saved files will be deleted and you will have to restart from the beginning. This isn’t a bad thing though, because even from the beginning of the game you will find key changes that were made to improve the overall gameplay, the challenges you face, how the story is delivered, and much more.

Here is a list of changes that were made to improve Hegis’ Grasp to be the official version, Hegis’ Grasp: Evil Resurrected:

Main Game

  • New Voice Actor for General Miller
  • Added Voice Actor for Charles Yort and notes written by Yort will now be read when found
  • Notes can now be collected; press F at anytime to open the notes menu
  • All checkpoint issues are fixed and solidified
  • Added a checkpoint before first wolf encounter in Chapter 1
  • Fixed player toggling
  • Cutscenes added
  • Chapter 4 boss replaced with appropriate boss; you will find the Rock Beast that we used as a placeholder in another section of the game
  • Inventory issues fixed and improved
  • Gun jamming glitch has been fixed
  • Animals can now be killed and their AI has been  updated
  • Dynamite can now destroy crates and animals
  • Hold to aim option added to the players menu
  • New rain and weather integration
  • Quick Slot added to allow players to quickly switch between two weapons
  • Lighting improvement; mainly in Chapter 5
  • AI Reinforcements can be met in Chapter 6 to help you fight
  • Scary Bats added
  • Enemy Spider added
  • Extreme Code Optimisation
  • Lower Load Times all around
  • A few surprises and elements added to improve experience

Survival Mode

  • Issue with enemies breaking at high wave levels fixed
  • Maps improved to give players more movement freedom
  • New “Wolf Waves” added at specific intervals to improve challenge
  • Special boss added at a very high wave, for players that manage to get that far

These updates are just a summary of everything that has gone in to make the game reach its peak and we are proud to bring the finished version of our survival horror game, Hegis’ Grasp: Evil Resurrected! We look forward to bringing you a new trailer and telling you more ways to play Hegis’ Grasp next month. It’s time to let the reviews fly and we look forward to hearing the official opinions of those playing our game.

Thank you to everyone who stuck around since the beginning and to all those who have helped us improve the game to be as great as it is today! Enjoy!


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