Hegis’ Grasp: Evil Resurrected – Patch and Plans

We noticed a few aspects of Hegis’ Grasp: Evil Resurrected started to act up after we updated the game with the finished game patch. We are happy to announce that not only did we fix the multiple bugs, but we also improved a few aspects of concern as well. The improvement patch includes:

– AI and creature bug fixes
– Deer animation improved greatly
– Spider enemy size increased
– Butterfly size decreased
– Missing voice lines added
– Minor typo fixes

This patch should bring Hegis’ Grasp: Evil Resurrected to the best version yet and we hope there aren’t many more bugs or issues for the remaining players. Moving forward, we have a few plans above just fixing the game as you all find more bugs. The first thing we will be releasing is a new DLC!

Boss Rush mode will be available within the month and will come with an exclusive powerful sword that will be available in the story mode as well! Along with this new mode, we are currently working on bringing the Hegis’ Grasp to the mobile gaming world, letting you take the curse and the fight with you everywhere! It will contain the survival mode with a similar set up to what is on Steam, but it is planned to be a free game for you to enjoy!

Before closing this Devlog, we want to leave you with a question: Would you be interested in seeing a second Hegis’ Grasp game? If so, what changes or improvements would you like to see?


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