Hegis’ Grasp: Evil Resurrected – Final Patch and Update

After a long road and constant work, we here at Odd Branch are proud to say that we have fully completed the Hegis’ Grasp: Evil Resurrected horror game on Steam! The final patch has been uploaded and all of your versions should be updated to the final version of the game. Here’s all that the final version will entail:

– New clarifying voice lines from Henry on parts many considered confusing
– A reoccurring Halloween and Christmas theme that will update into the game during the holiday seasons
– Minor Bug Fixes

Now the main question is: can you expect anything new to come from Odd Branch for Hegis’ Grasp? The answer is “Yes!”

We are still planning to put the survival mode on the mobile devices, add some more maps for the survival mode on the PC, and are currently discussing the idea of making a second Hegis’ Grasp title. However, there will be some other games to be completed before we make our way back to the cursed village of Hegis.

This blog is a short one, but it is also the final one with regards to the Steam version of Hegis’ Grasp: Evil Resurrected. Thank you, everybody, who has helped us along the way to reaching this moment and we look forward to bringing your more entertainment as more titles are released!


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