Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any requirements that projects have to meet?
The only requirement that goes for all projects we consider is that all assets features in the game or application, from graphics to sounds and everything in between, must not have any copyright infringement on it.

Are there any costs?
Most of the services provided are based on pure profit sharing and include no additional fees!
The royalty rates depend on the size and type of the project which can be negotiated freely.

How do I know you’re trustworthy?
Taking advantage of our services isn’t based on trust but through agreements and obligations.
The entire base of Odd Branch Publishing is a pair of indie content creators looking to help grow and expand the audience of our fellow independent developers.

Why should I choose you over others or being independent?
Our connections branch out over thousands of streamers on multiple platforms, along with software and gaming media outlets.
We would take care of any issues regarding payment or contract while your software is listed in the store under Odd Branch Publishing. This includes making sure payments are distributed in a timely, headache free manner.
Not only will we handle all the stress that comes with the business side, allowing you the chance to focus on your ideas, but can offer help by advertising your name on various platforms.