Amaze’D – Where We Are and Where We’re Going

With the launch date passed over the weekend, we wanted to give an update and road map for those interested in our family friendly trivia/puzzle game, Amaze’D!


After having a bit of a bumpy launch, we are proud to have Amaze’D officially available on Steam! We unfortunately ran into a few unforeseen issues while publishing for Android on the Google Play store and are currently working on getting the game back up. That being said, let’s get into the future of Amaze’D. Where are we going to go from here?

Well, aside from bringing a patch to fix a few issues that have been brought to our attention and getting the Android version up ASAP, our sights are still focused on two platforms: iOS (Apple) and Nintendo Switch. An official release date for both platforms will be announced as we get closer to releasing Amaze’d on more platforms, but we are looking into bringing it to iOS shortly after getting it up on Android. This is due to what it will take to port the game to the appropriate platforms and how much time it will take to do so. The Nintendo Switch will be a more difficult platform to reach, all things considered.

There will also be an announcement when we get it back on Android as many of you are likely hoping to try the first few areas for free before purchasing the title on your desired platform. As we mentioned in a previous announcement, there will be a small chunk of the game available for free on both mobile platforms in their freemium versions.

How can you, the consumer and audience, help us reach our goals with Amaze’D, you ask? Sharing news about the game, telling friends about the game, playing and reviewing the game on Steam, streaming gameplay on popular channels, suggesting even now popular channels to stream our game, and so much more! Any time you are talking about Amaze’d you are helping the game get known! Even the smallest steps can have a great impact.

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