Amaze’D Developers Part Ways

We regret to announce that Retrover Studios and Odd Branch Publishing are no longer in collaboration with each other. This means that tht family friendly trivia/puzzle game Amaze’D will no longer be associated with Odd Branch Publishing.

Amaze’D will remain available on Steam and Google Play for Android, but full rights and ownership will now belong to Retrover Studios. In turn, the blog posted covering the future plans of Amaze’D is now invalid as Retrover Studios will be in charge of their games future moving forward.

This break of collaboration is considered mutual and we hope that no hard feelings will be held by either party. For all those that were looking forward to the future of Amaze’D, we encourage you to follow Retrover Studios on their Twitter (@TRetrover).

Finally, Odd Branch Publishing would like to thank those that have worked with us to spread the word, provided feedback, and left reviews on Amaze’D while it was associated with us. So, again, thank you iCrewPlay, Check ‘N’ Play, and all players that helped us.

Good luck in your future endeavors Retrover Studios!


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