Alpha Bunker’s Road Map is Finally Here!

At the beginning of 2019, we kicked off the year with the announcement of our partnership with Black Void Studios on their upcoming mobile survival game Alpha Bunker. Since the initial announcement, things have been quiet for the most part, but that is because the team has been hard at work making this game a reality!

We now have an official Road Map to provide you so that you know exactly where we are and when to expect the first playable demo for the game. For those that read dates differently than standard Eastern date format:

  • Now through June 11th:  Upgrade all modules, Implement UI, and Map Updates
  • June 13th through 26th:  Bunker Upgrade System
  • June 27th through July 3rd:  Bunker Defenses Added
  • July 4th through 10th:  Coastal Missions Added
  • July 11th through 17th:  Forest Missions Added
  • July 18th through 24th:  Urban Missions Added
  • July 25th through 31st:  Multiplayer Implemented
  • August 1st through 7th:  Game Balance Optimization
  • August 8th through 14th:  Bunker Re-Supply System and Bug Fixing
  • August 15th through 22nd:  Polishing and Preparation

Once we reach the end of this Road Map on August 23rd we will release the first playable demo of Alpha Bunker on Android with iOS launch following shortly behind. Now that a lot of the inner workings is complete and we just need to get all the actual gameplay elements added to the game, it won’t be long before you will be surviving on the go!

There are sure to be more updates on Alpha Bunker prior to demo release, so be sure to subscribe to our Newsletters and follow the Odd Branch social media pages, Facebook and Twitter.


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