Alpha Bunker – Official Announcement

Starting off 2019 with a brand new game announcement, we here at Odd Branch are proud to announce that we have partnered with Black Void Studios to get their mobile game, Alpha Bunker, published.

Planning to launch later this year on Android and iOS, Alpha Bunker is a turn-based mobile strategy game which takes place in a futuristic world that has been ravaged by nuclear war. The remnants of humanity have sought sanctuary in underground strongholds and it’s up to you, the player, to protect them from the new threats that have arrived in the wake of Armageddon.

The game puts players in control of a party of survivors as well as a bunker and tasks them with drawing up survivalist strategies. That will include upgrading their base, salvaging weapons and vehicles, and forging alliances with other bands of survivors. Players will have complete control of their group, overseeing missions, fighting off zombie hordes during turn-based encounters and customizing each character with upgrades.

Players can choose where they want to build their bunker – in the ruins of urban sprawl, a rural countryside, or rugged mountains. They can scout for fuel, metal scraps, and other supplies. Players will immerse themselves in the game’s crafting system, and engage in turn-based combat to ensure they and their growing community of survivors live to see another day.

Here are a few in-game screenshots, but you can check out the official trailer here: Alpha Bunker Trailer


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