Airsoft Simulator Game F.AIR is Available on Gamejolt

For the very first time one of the most active real life shooting sports, Airsoft, has a simulator game that is available now! Check out the trailer:

Odd Branch Publishing’s Gamejolt page is where we keep the free-to-play titles. One of our oldest, yet popular games on there is F.AIR. The full name is “Fire Airsoft Simulator.” We have added the “Pay What You Want” feature to this title, but it is because new plans have come to start up for F.AIR. A much more improved sequel game is definitely in our near future!

This game was made by our very own Sepehr Mani over 3 years ago and it continues to bring in its own crowd. Featuring a couple maps and plenty of open area with opponents littered throughout. Following the classic rules of Airsoft, it only takes one shot to take an enemy out just as it will take only one of their shots to take you out!

If you are a fan of FPS games, or better yet Airsoft itself, then this is a title that you need to check out! Simply follow this link:


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