We’re a small indie developer bringing new games in various genre’s packed with great stories for both PC and Mobile gamers!

Founded Early 2018 by Sepehr Mani and Dean Clark, Odd Branch is the entity born of their passion to produce exciting and fun games.

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Sepehr Mani

Co-owner, Administration, Production, Finances:


Dean Clark

Co-owner, Corporate Image, PR, Customer Contact:


Keegan Slater


“I began the dream of being a computer technician at a very early age, landing a job in the industry right after a week of work experience in grade 10. These skills also helped me excel and outperform others in the mechanical industry, always proving to fix what others could not. Now wanting to form a corporation and gaming being a favorite pastime I have, I decided to put my skills into the creation of them. Along with the skills I already had, I decided to “freshen up” by taking a game development course at HETC. Doing this course led me to great workflow and much higher skill levels.

Armed with an in-depth understanding of real-world physics, high-level skills in 3D modeling/animation and being an absolute beast coding in C#, coupled with attention to detail and a pure passion for creation, my aim is to create games with uniqueness and variety. – “Great gamers make great games!”

Harry Critchley

Music and audio composer

“Music has been a passion of mine from a very young age and I’ve been composing for several years now. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing people on some great projects and I’m always eager to learn and continue to build my skill set.”



Koby Reisner

Voice Actor

“I’m a father of two beautiful children and significant other to my beautiful lady. I play all sorts of different game types and absolutely love gaming. I am a twitch streamer which helped me start my journey into voice acting! I am so excited about this opportunity and always open to constructive criticism. I hope to bring many voices into games that you will enjoy and hope to help immerse you all into it as well! Thank you so much and remember to stay true to yourself!”




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