Month: September 2018

Hegis’ Grasp Is Officially Complete!

After originally launching our survival horror game on Steam back in October of 2017, many changes and updates have been going in to make sure the best experience we have to offer is what players will get. As promised in the July Devlog update, we took a two month pause from consistent announcements and updates…
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Hegis’ Grasp Gets A New Look

As many of you are looking forward to the next update for Hegis’ Grasp with the full game set to release, which I’ll include a brief update below, we wanted to show you the brand new look for the game! This new image shows the added subtitle “Evil Resurrected” and will be replacing the game…
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Weaverse – What The Games Future Holds

After receiving mostly positive feedback, with plenty of constructive criticism as well, from the community after launching the Weaverse Steam store page with a short, free demo for players to get a taste of our upcoming surreal sci-fi action/puzzle game, we realize that many of you would like to know what the plans are moving…
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