Month: August 2018

Weaverse – Free Demo and Game Announcement

Your next adventure has arrived and currently has a free playable demo on Steam! The game I’m talking about is Weaverse, developed by Yellow Cat-Rabbit and in collaboration with Odd Branch Publishing. Check out the trailer: Weaverse is a sci-fi adventure with strong action elements, puzzles, and some unique gameplay mechanics. And let’s not forget…
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Airsoft Simulator Game F.AIR is Available on Gamejolt

For the very first time one of the most active real life shooting sports, Airsoft, has a simulator game that is available now! Check out the trailer: Odd Branch Publishing’s Gamejolt page is where we keep the free-to-play titles. One of our oldest, yet popular games on there is F.AIR. The full name is “Fire…
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Amaze’D Developers Part Ways

We regret to announce that Retrover Studios and Odd Branch Publishing are no longer in collaboration with each other. This means that tht family friendly trivia/puzzle game Amaze’D will no longer be associated with Odd Branch Publishing. Amaze’D will remain available on Steam and Google Play for Android, but full rights and ownership will now…
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