Month: June 2018

Amaze’d – Review Requests, Pricing and Launch Date Correction

Let’s start this off by stating the obvious. By fault of Odd Branch, we prematurely announced a launch date for Amaze’d that we quickly found to not be possible. Once we set up the official Steam page we found ourselves able to publish the game at the earliest date of July 14th, which we will…
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Amaze’d – Launch Date and Game Information

Our next game that is set to launch is a trivia/puzzle game titled Amaze’d! Featuring a total of 64 levels spread out over 8 sequences, each with their own set of hints to help players find the answer. The game has a single character, but various outfits that will change along with each sequence change.…
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Hegis’ Grasp Update – Fixing and Improving

In our last Devlog we mentioned that we hired a new developer in order to get the progress for Hegis’ Grasp flowing at a quicker pace. Our goal is to give our players a completed game with few to no bugs and an enjoyable gameplay experience. While we believe that there will need to be…
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