A thrilling sci-fi shooter

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A Surreal Sci-Fi Action-Adventure game. Weaverse is a sci-fi adventure with strong action elements, puzzles, and some unique gameplay mechanics. And let’s not forget about a complex and deep story.


Hegis’ Grasp Deluxe Edition is Now Available! 

Hegis’ Grasp is a story-driven, atmospheric survival horror game on Steam. Play as Henry Wood, a curious journalist investigating rumors of what is happening to the once peaceful village, Hegis. It will be up to you how this story ends, but first, you must survive the insanity of the natives within this damned place.


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Hegis’ Grasp Gets A New Look

As many of you are looking forward to the next update for Hegis’ Grasp with the full game set to release, which I’ll include a brief update below, we wanted[…]

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Weaverse – What The Games Future Holds

After receiving mostly positive feedback, with plenty of constructive criticism as well, from the community after launching the Weaverse Steam store page with a short, free demo for players to[…]

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Weaverse – Free Demo and Game Announcement

Your next adventure has arrived and currently has a free playable demo on Steam! The game I’m talking about is Weaverse, developed by Yellow Cat-Rabbit and in collaboration with Odd[…]

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