Unfair: Airsoft Battlegrounds

The most popular Airsoft simulation game is making a come-back!

Hegis’ Grasp Is Officially Complete!

Hegis’ Grasp is a story-driven, atmospheric survival horror game on Steam. Play as Henry Wood, a curious journalist investigating rumors of what is happening to the once peaceful village, Hegis. It will be up to you how this story ends, but first, you must survive the insanity of the natives within this damned place.



A Surreal Sci-Fi Action-Adventure game. Weaverse is a sci-fi adventure with strong action elements, puzzles, and some unique gameplay mechanics. And let’s not forget about a complex and deep story.


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Hegis’ Grasp Festive Update

In light of the holiday season, we have decided to add a few festive aspects to the survival horror game Hegis’ Grasp: Evil Resurrected! Not only will they be found[…]

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Unfair: Airsoft Battlegrounds – Official Announcement

After taking notice of the growing community around our incredibly out-of-date, but unique concept game titled F.AIR on Gamejolt, Odd Branch Publishing would like to officially announce Unfair: Airsoft Battlegrounds![…]

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Weaverse Development Update

It wasn’t too long ago that we originally announced our upcoming sci-fi action title Weaverse and launched a free demo on Steam. Receiving mostly positive feedback, we are excited to[…]

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